Euromoney has supported Orbis since 2006. After considering a number of charities Orbis was chosen because the company felt that as an international publisher, it wanted to support an organisation that enabled people in developing countries to see, and therefore, to read. With fantastic employee support across offices worldwide, Euromoney has raised £250,000 to fund a children’s eye centre in Orissa, one of the poorest states in India. This support has brought eye care to extremely poor rural communities that had never before had access to any kind of eye care.

This year, a new joint partnership was established between Orbis and the international development organisation AMREF to eliminate the infectious eye disease trachoma in southern Ethiopia. The project is made possible through Euromoney vision and support, combining the strengths of two NGOs - Orbis providing the health element and AMREF the water and sanitation component. Both organisations have previously worked with Euromoney on different projects and this mutual connection provided the basis to initiate the programme development and joint fundraising.

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