Orbis United Kingdom Financials

Orbis depends on caring individuals, companies and foundations for annual funding. Donated products and services are also of critical importance.

To find out more about the funds we raise and how we spend our money, please look at our  which also includes our Audited Financial Statements.

18 projects where funded in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Zambia, Nepal, India, Bangladesh and South Africa

How we spent your donations in 2015

Pie Chart of how Orbis spent donations in 2015

79.3p in every £1 goes straight towards saving sight, the other 19.7p is reinvested in raising more funds and on governance. For each £1 we spent, we raised £4.21.

In 2015 your support went towards:

3.7 million treatment and surgeries.

21,469 doctors, nurses, community health workers and others being trained.

33 Hospital Based Programmes across 15 countries in 4 continents.

You can also download our Audited Financial Statements from previous years:

UK Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements 2014
UK Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements 2013
Audited Financial Statements 2012
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