Sarnai had travelled 300km across Mongolia to get treatment on her eye. However the medicine wasn’t working. Sarnai’s parents were worried that she might lose her sight or face further complications in her brain. Dr Battsetseg Baljinnyam was able to provide the right treatment for Sarnai and save her sight.

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When Sarnai came in to see Dr Battsetseg Baljinnyam at the National Center for Maternal and Child Health (NCMCH) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, she already had badly deteriorating eyesight.

Sarnai had travelled twice to her local doctor, 60km away, and then had to go to the NCMCH, which was a further 300km journey. The delay these issues cause means it’s often too late for children like Sarnai to have their sight restored.

Imagine knowing your child or grandchild may need urgent medical help and not being able to find it. This is a very real possibility for millions of families around the world – but, with your help, it needn’t be this way.


While the medicine that Dr Baljinnyam prescribed initially wasn’t working, she still had one more option. When the Flying Eye Hospital came to Ulaanbaatar in 2018, Dr Baljinnyam received training from Dr Ron Pelton, from the USA, and they became friends.

Through Cybersight, Orbis’s award winning telemedicine platform that connects doctors from around the world, Dr Baljinnyam was able to consult with Dr Pelton. He quickly diagnosed an unusual tumour and advised the steps to operate on Sarnai’s eye.

Your donation today, could help to ensure more children are able to have their sight saved thanks to Flying Eye Hospital training and Cybersight consultations.

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