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Every year, five students from ACS International Schools (in the UK and Qatar), are given the opportunity to participate in the Orbis Student Journalism Internship, a one week visit to one of the Orbis country programmes to observe Orbis’s work on the ground.

ACS International Schools have been supporting Orbis since 2003 and have donated over £500,000 since the beginning of the partnership. Since its inception, more than 60 students have travelled to Orbis programmes in Vietnam, China, India, Tanzania and Mongolia among others.

In June 2019, the students visited Can Tho, Vietnam where Orbis implements various programmes alongside partner hospitals and other organisations.

They took part in a number of activities that were designed to give them an overall understanding of the work that Orbis does to reduce avoidable blindness. The students visited partner hospitals, interviewed eye health professionals, witnessed live eye surgeries and interacted with patients plus their families during visits to their homes.

They also got to soak in a bit of Vietnam’s vibrant culture during a brief stopover in Hanoi and during their stay in the Mekong Delta region. Aiden (ACS Student internship, Vietnam, 2019) says:

This past week has real­ly been incred­i­ble for me. Every­day there were new things to do and new peo­ple to hear from, and there was nev­er a dull moment. It was amaz­ing to see the work Orbis does up close and see how much it helps peo­ple. Get­ting to hear peo­ple’s sto­ries was real­ly heart-warm­ing and put a smile on my face every time. The entire team on the trip was great to work with and get­ting to learn about Viet­namese cul­ture was super inter­est­ing (and the food was great!). Over­all this has been an absolute­ly amaz­ing trip that I will nev­er forget.

If you would like to find out more about ways your company could work with Orbis please contact:

Matt Coleman, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Orbis UK.

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