ACS International Schools

Every year, five students from the three ACS International Schools in the UK and one in Doha, have the opportunity to participate in an overseas journalism internship in an Orbis programme country.

ACS students on a recent trip to Chennai, India

ACS International Schools have been supporting Orbis since 2003 and have donated almost £500,000 since the beginning of the partnership. During this period more than 60 students have travelled to Orbis programmes in Vietnam, China, India, Tanzania and Mongolia among others.

In June 2018, in our 16th year of partnership, five ACS students travelled to Chennai, India. The students had the opportunity to engage with our long term partners and to see a range of our work.

They received training as Vision Ambassadors in order to assist at a school screening, witnessed eye surgery from within the theatre and interviewed patients who had received sight saving treatment.

The one-week internship provided an environment for the students to learn about health care systems in India, whilst also developing their skills.

Kate Miller (Chennai, 2018) says:

I think Orbis is making a huge difference, particularly with their work in schools and through their doctor training programmes. I was really impressed that the work of Orbis is so continuous with the organisations that it works with. Rather than only helping once, Orbis checks on the schools and hospitals it works with to ensure that the help that has been provided is really making a difference.