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Aerospares 2000

Aerospares 2000, a globally respected supplier of aircraft spare-parts, has committed to a partnership with Orbis UK from 2017-2020. Making a donation to Orbis for every sale they complete, Aerospares 2000 is proud to be supporting Orbis UK programmes and the Flying Eye Hospital.

In addition to making regular donations, Aerospares 2000 actively promotes Orbis and raises awareness of Orbis’s Flying Eye Hospital training programmes throughout the aviation community.

Adam Nemenyi, Managing Director of Aerospares 2000 says:

Since inception, Aerospares 2000 has always played an active role in giving back to the local community and donating to numerous charities. Orbis and The Flying Eye Hospital are an amazing charity and we are absolutely thrilled to be able to assist them in their pursuit of fighting avoidable blindness."

Kathryn Sweet, Head of Partnerships, Orbis UK, says:

“Businesses have great power to support good causes, not just through raising and donating funds, but by raising awareness of charities’ work too. Aerospares 2000 really understand this, and have a strong desire to make a positive impact on the lives of people suffering needlessly from visual impairment in both ways. Orbis UK is delighted to be working with them as a long term corporate partner, and thank them sincerely for this initiative.”

If you would like to find out more about ways your company could work with Orbis please contact:

Matt Coleman, Corporate Partnerships Manager