Alcon Foundation

Over the last three decades, Alcon has donated state-of-the-art ophthalmic equipment, pharmaceuticals and supplies for the Flying Eye Hospital and its partner hospitals around the world.

Alcon Foundation

The Alon classroom aboard the Flying Eye Hospital

Alcon’s partnership dates back to Orbis’ start in 1979. 

We are proud and privileged to work with a partner like Orbis whose commitment to pushing boundaries, pursuing innovation and providing quality training and treatment aligns with 

Alcon’s mission of discovering new ways to enhance sight and improve lives around the world. With their focus on training, Orbis’ impact on individual lives and entire communities is incalculable.

 Medical practitioners volunteering to treat patients and train peers, build eye care capacity; and patients, empowered with personal independence after their sight is restored, return to work and school, improving their lifetime earning potential.