For the first time, as part of our existing global partnership, Orbis UK has launched a new three-year partnership with the visionary eye care company Hoya UK, which aims to fund a new Vision Centre in India by raising £50,000 for Orbis.

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The Vision Centres are an integral part of ensuring communities in India have access to primary eye care services, including digital screenings, diagnosis and treatments for a broad spectrum of eye conditions. More serious eye conditions can also be diagnosed and referred to specialist secondary care facilities, and community outreach programmes will raise awareness amongst local people.

"A simple pair of spectacles is often all it takes to open a world of opportunities to someone," said Dr. Rishi Raj Borah, Country Director, Orbis India. "Our partnership with Hoya has been instrumental in bringing eye health services within children's reach and enabling them to realise their potential. We are excited to continue this partnership to further expand our outreach and impact, and touch many more lives over the next few years."

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