How we're continuing our sight-saving work in a virtual world

The spread of coronavirus has temporarily grounded the Flying Eye Hospital, but it has not stopped our mission to save sight all over the world.

Since 2003, we’ve harnessed technology to provide top- quality, remote eye care in the hardest-to-reach corners of our world. Our online platform, Cybersight, connects our expert volunteers with doctors in 200 countries – to provide training and assess cases from anywhere in the world.

Dr. Wael Hamoudeh (top left) of Syria discusses four difficult cases with Orbis volunteer surgeon Daniel E. Neely on Cybersight.

For many patients, the longer they have to wait for treatment, the higher the chance their sight will be irreversibly damaged. Now more than ever, Cybersight is key to our fight against avoidable blindness, supporting doctors and patients we wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach due to coronavirus.

One frequent Cybersight user is Dr. Wael Hamoudeh who works at a hospital in Syria - he recently sought advice on Cybersight for four difficult cases from Orbis volunteer surgeon, Dr. Daniel Neely.

Dr. Neely described the live video consultation as “...every bit as effective as if we had been in the same room, examining the patient together.”

Health care providers like Dr. Hamoudeh are amazing! The challenges they face, like war or a lack of resources, don’t stop them from giving excellent care to their patients. And now — thanks to your support — coronavirus can’t stop them, either.

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