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Your update from Ethiopia

Following your generous response to our recent appeal to end trachoma in Ethiopia, we have an update from our colleagues who are working hard in the field to stamp out this distressing disease which, if left untreated, can cause sight loss.

Distribution of antibiotics is crucial and because of coronavirus and social distancing we are having to do this differently. Instead of gathering at village centres, our teams are going door-to-door, wearing PPE to distribute this vital medicine. This takes longer and is much more expensive.

Thanks to your support, we can report that surveys in nine districts showed good progress in reaching and sustaining World Health Organisation (WHO) targets for elimination.

With new processes for Covid-safe treatment of infection and surgery for those with advanced trachoma, we have been able to re-start services at local outreach sites, close to where people live. These are being provided by nurses who have been trained by Orbis as Eye Care Workers.

Distribution of antibiotics by Orbis trained health extension workers.

Looking ahead, your donations will help train more Eye Care Workers, support surveys in nine more districts, and we plan another distribution of antibiotics before the end of this year.

As you can see, your kindness is putting an end to the blinding pain and unnecessary sight loss caused by trachoma.

We all, especially those working on the frontline in Ethiopia, are so grateful - thank you.

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