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Focus on the Flying Eye Hospital

The first half of 2019 has been a busy period for the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, with visits to Jamaica and Chile.

Thanks to your amazing support, the plane landed in Jamaica for the eighth time and spent two weeks training medical teams from across the Caribbean. Did you know that 1.1 million people struggle with vision loss in the region and 50% is caused by cataract?

Whilst there, not only were 44 doctors and nurses trained on board the incredible aircraft and within the local hospital, but 125 more from 54 countries tuned in to take part via our online training and mentoring platform, Cybersight.

The programme was a great success and almost 90 operations were carried out, delivering vital sight saving treatment to patients and building the skills of the regional ophthalmology teams.

Without delay, the plane then winged its way to Chile. This inaugural trip to the country heralded a number of firsts for Orbis, including our first ever full simulation training programme.

Thanks to our partners, Collins Aerospace - who are helping us to invest in cutting edge and innovative ways of safely practising eye care - we enabled trainees to practice complex surgical skills in a controlled environment, using a range of state-of-the-art simulation equipment. This approach helps build the confidence of junior eye doctors before they graduate to operating on real life patients, maximising positive outcomes whilst minimising risk.

At the end of August, the plane, its staff and our amazing volunteer doctors and nurses, will be working hard in Vietnam - before the Flying Eye Hospital departs for Myanmar and Ghana later this year. Head over to our Flying Eye Hospital schedule to stay up to date with the plane’s adventures, and check out our brand new site Eye Give, where you can give a gift and help us fund the Flying Eye Hospital.

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