Give a doubled donation and protect a person from blinding trachoma this Christmas - Tadelech | Orbis

Trachoma is causing children and adults in Ethiopia to go slowly and agonisingly blind. You can change this, and when you give a sight-saving gift today, your donation will be matched so you’ll have twice the impact. Will you donate today and protect a child like Tadelech from blinding trachoma?

Double Your Donation Today And Transform a Person’s Life

It can cost as little as £34 to protect a person with advanced trachoma from going blind. The longer someone has to wait for surgery, the more likely they’ll be blind forever. Your incredible support can protect someone from blinding trachoma and make the following possible:

  • People will be protected from the excruciating pain of trachoma

  • Children will be able to go to school, play with their friends and fulfil their potential

  • Reduced burden of care on family members who would otherwise have to look after the person who was blind

  • People will experience the joy of seeing their loved ones

  • Adults will be able to continue working, provide for their families and break the cycle of poverty

  • People will be able to participate fully and contribute to their communities. On average for everyone £1 spent on restoring or protecting someone’s sight, £4 returns to the local community

  • Will you give a matched donation this Christmas, save someone’s sight and change their life forever?
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