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Give the gift of sight to a child like Pinki

Since she was born, Pinki’s eyes continuously flickered back and forth, both opaque with cataracts. When a child is born with cataracts, if their eyes are not treated in time, they can fail to develop properly – and in some cases this can leave them irreversibly blind.

When Pinki’s Grandfather, Natthu, noticed that something wasn’t right with her eyes – he was determined to make sure she got the treatment she needed to save her sight. However it wasn’t that easy at first – as Pinki lived over nine hours away from the nearest eye hospital – where she would be able to get treatment.

However when the family moved in with Natthu, and closer to the hospital, he decided to undertake the journey himself with Pinki to get her eyes checked and to get the treatment she needed.

When they arrived, Pinki was examined, diagnosed with cataract, and fortunately, was about to have surgery to restore her vision.

Her sight restored, Pinki gazed up at her grandfather’s face, every wrinkle, every white hair now pin sharp. Speaking after her operation, Natthu said:

“I’m very hopeful because I was treated here and now I’m doing fine. I am in my 70s and after I received surgery here for my own cataract, I can now thread a needle perfectly. I’m extremely hopeful for her future.”

Pinki is now enjoying being back at school and can look forward to a future she may never have had if her cataracts had gone untreated.

By making a donation to Orbis today, you can help give the gift of sight to another person like Pinki. A gift that will change a life forever.

Help give the gift of sight to someone like Pinki today.

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Give the gift of sight to someone like Pinki

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