Help a child continue their education

For children struggling with high myopia (being severely short-sighted), school can be a real challenge. It can make it difficult to do many of the things people take for granted – like being able to see the whiteboard, read textbooks, or even play with their friends.

The image below gives you an idea of what school could be like for a child with short-sightedness in Nepal and how difficult this could make their education.

A blurred 360 image from a classroom in Nepal

However a straightforward eye examination and a pair of glasses can completely transform a child’s time at school. Take a look around the classroom below to see the difference a simple pair of glasses could make.

A clear 360 image of the same classroom in Nepal

Your donation today could help more children receive the glasses they so desperately need, and make sure their poor vision doesn’t lead to them dropping out of school.

Will you be the difference and help a child continue their education?