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Help a child like Dai

Dai and his family live in a small village in Vietnam. He was diagnosed with cataracts at birth, and for the first nine years of his life he struggled to see. His poor vision affected all corners of his young life. His walk to school was dangerous, and he had to spend most of his days inside the house – so he wouldn’t get hurt when playing outside.

When a child like Dai has cataracts, every minute really does count. The longer they have to wait for treatment, the lower their chances of having their sight restored.

Give the gift of sight

You can help save the sight of someone like Dai today

Dai was at risk of going permanently blind, which could’ve stopped him getting the education he needed, or finding employment as he got older.

When Dai’s mother heard that there was an Orbis supported hospital that could provide treatment – free of charge – she was overjoyed. She wasted no time in getting Dai to the hospital, so that he could get the life-changing cataract surgery they would have otherwise not been able to afford.

The impact of the surgery has been immense. Dai told us: “I am able to see everything very clearly and don’t have any more problems going to school!”

But there are still so many children who are desperately in need of a sight-saving operation. Every minute counts - the sooner they are treated, the more likely their sight will be restored, and they will be able to see their future clearly.

  • Every minute counts, so there's not a moment to lose.

Will you give the gift of sight today?

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Header photo: Photographed by students of ACS International Schools during the 2019 Orbis Internship programme.

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