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Every day, rural communities in Cox’s Bazar and other low-income regions face unprecedented challenges when accessing essential eye care services. Families’ livelihoods have been devastated, many are nervous about travelling long distances on public transport and entering healthcare facilities, and the costs of eye care provision have increased.

Donate now to support people with avoidable eye conditions during the pandemic

However your donations help us overcome these challenges – and there’s still time to have an impact. With your support, you can help us reach thousands of people in Cox’s Bazar and surrounding areas and stop them from going needlessly blind. Will you join us today and help save sight in Cox’s Bazar?

The impact of coronavirus on Cox’s Bazar Baitush Sharaf Hospital, an Orbis partner hospital in Bangladesh, has been devastating. And, as services resume, we’re in need of basics like hand sanitiser and cleaning products, to be able to provide eye care to the people who need us the most. Your support can make this possible.

  • Will you join us in fighting avoidable blindness in Cox’s Bazar in 2021?

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