Help save sight in Cox’s Bazar during the pandemic | Orbis

The impact of coronavirus has been devastating on Cox’s Bazar Baitush Sharaf Hospital, an Orbis partner hospital in Bangladesh. And, as services resume, we’re facing rising costs to keep patients and staff safe. Without the basics like hand sanitiser and cleaning products, the hospital won’t be able to provide eye care that’s already been delayed.

The longer people with eye conditions wait for treatment, the more likely that they will be blind for life. So, without your support, thousands of people in Cox’s Bazar and surrounding areas could be at risk of going needlessly blind.

Will you join us today and help save sight in Cox’s Bazar during the pandemic?

Join our sight-saving appeal today

The patients served by Baitush Sharaf Hospital are mostly from low-income rural communities. Many of them, like Shahed below, are Rohingya refugees forced to flee violence over the border in Myanmar in 2017.

For years their healthcare has been neglected, creating a very high need for our services. Now, coronavirus poses an unprecedented threat to the eye care they can receive.

Will you join us in fighting avoidable blindness in Cox’s Bazar today?

Join our sight-saving appeal today

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