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Help the people of Cox's Bazar change the script

In Cox’s Bazar, a single hospital serves nearly 900,000 Rohingya refugees and 2.3 million Bangladeshi people, many of whom live in remote areas on low incomes. Right now, we’re battling to provide essential eye care to a population chronically under-served by healthcare amidst the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic.

Poor Healthcare, Poverty and Now Coronavirus. It’s Time for a Re-write

Losing your sight is emotionally shattering. For children and adults in Cox’s Bazar, it seriously affects hopes of a prosperous future because they will struggle to learn and work. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Will you give a gift to help treat people’s eye conditions and change their lives?

Your donation today will help change the script for children like Tareque.

Aged just four, Tareque’s family discovered white spots on his eyes. His father Roshid tells us: “First we saw that he stumbled often and moved like a blind person. Then he no longer could read books or see the blackboard”.

Every minute counts for children whose eyes are deteriorating. But, with no money for treatment, Roshid faced the sad inevitability that his son would lose his eyesight, and with it, all his hopes of a prosperous future.

The family went to Cox’s Bazar Baitush Sharaf Hospital (CBBSH) to see if there was any chance of help. Tareque was diagnosed with cataracts and referred to a specialist eye hospital, where he received surgery.

Tareque and his family outside their home in Cox's Bazar.

Afterwards, reflecting that not only had his son’s cataracts been treated but that the cost had been covered too, Roshid was overwhelmed.

“I find no words strong enough to express our gratitude to CBBSH and Orbis,” he said. Now aged six, there’s no-one better than Tareque himself to sum up his experience: “I see everything as clear as I did before my eye problem. The only difference is that I have to wear glasses now. I would feel very bad when I had eye problems because I could not play like other children and go to school. That chapter is now over.”

Tareque’s story is one of hope. However, as coronavirus forces treatment and programmes to run much more slowly, growing numbers of people have been left waiting for treatment.

You can help reach more people in Cox’s Bazar today

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We won’t stand by and let people experience the devastating effects of avoidable blindness. Your support today will help recruit more specialist staff, keep our Vision Centres running and carry out more eye checks for people in local schools and halls. By further improving access to eye care, we can help families in the communities we work with and continue to fight for a fairer society for everyone.

The pandemic continues to destroy livelihoods and exacerbate risks to eye health. But together, we can change the script for the people of Cox’s Bazar, by providing vital eye care that gives people hope, even in the most challenging circumstances.

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Change the script for the people of Cox's Bazar



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