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Join the fight to end trachoma

Trachoma starts off as a bacterial infection that spreads easily from person to person. In Ethiopia, there are still many places where it’s hard to avoid. If the infection isn’t treated quickly, it can run out of control, eventually causing the eyelashes to turn inwards and cause irreversible sight loss.

Trachoma is passed from generation to generation, and we’re determined to break the chain of infection before it reaches children like Hamdia – pictured above with her father Shemsedin. Will you help reach and protect them before it’s too late?

You can help save the sight of future generations in Ethiopia

Key to nipping trachoma in the bud is the yearly distribution of antibiotics. So, when the world went into lockdown due to coronavirus, and people could no longer gather to receive their medication, we knew we had to find a way to take this crucial treatment to them. So, after much planning and preparation, in December 2020, Orbis launched a Mass Drug Administration programme. This saw our colleagues going literally door to door with the aim of treating and protecting an incredible 9 million plus people.

We’ve already reached 7.8 million people across 89 districts, while also picking up cases – like Kubri’s - that need urgent surgery. But with 1.3 million people still waiting for their dose, there’s still a long way to go to keep everyone safe.

Delivering antibiotics in this Covid-safe manner is effective, but of course it costs a whole lot more than simply inviting people to a single distribution point.

But with your support today, we can make sure we reach people like Hamdia and Kubri and protect future generations from going needlessly and agonisingly blind.

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