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Orbis UK is a charity that brings people together to fight avoidable blindness and save the sight of people like Mariya (pictured above). We believe that no one should live a life of unnecessary blindness, simply because of where they were born. By setting up a regular gift to Orbis, you can help transform the lives of people like Mariya forever.


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Mariya Post Operation


Meeting Mariya


Meeting Mariya


When we meet three-year-old Mariya, it’s almost impossible to picture her as anything other than the bubbly, energetic and confident young girl who is playing and laughing in front of us.

However, until recently, this little girl’s future was at risk, as she was slowly losing her sight.

It wasn’t until she was two years old that Juliene noticed that Mariya was always scratching her eye, and there was white spot on her pupil.

As soon as she realised, she took her to a hospital, where Mariya was diagnosed with a cataract and referred to a hospital supported by Orbis. There, she was told that the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital was coming to Yaounde, and fortunately, her young daughter could get the operation she so desperately needed.

The operation was successful, and Mariya was able to start school a few weeks later!

For children like Mariya, a straight-forward cataract operation can change their life forever. Going blind can seriously affect a child’s future, but now Mariya’s had her operation, she’s free to continue her education and follow her dreams.

You can change the life of more children like Mariya, who are still waiting for their sight-saving surgery. Give a monthly gift today and help save a child’s sight.

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