Tania from Bangladesh receives new glasses

Patient stories: treating Tania, Bangladesh for low vision

Tania is a 12-year-old girl from a village in the Koyra sub-district of Khulna in Bangladesh. When she was only 22 days old, her father tragically passed away. Her mother remarried, leaving Tania behind to live with her grandmother.

When Tania was six months old, it became clear something was wrong with her vision – she had trouble picking up toys and anything that was offered to her – but there was no money to see a doctor. It took four-and-half more years before Tania was taken to Khulna BNSB Eye Hospital for an examination.

The doctor there prescribed corrective lenses and asked to see Tania again for further examination and treatment. Unfortunately, her family couldn’t afford another trip back to the hospital or a pair of glasses. Her eyesight started to deteriorate, and it became increasingly more difficult to see. Tania’s performance at school started to suffer, until it reached a point where she could no longer read and write. She was forced to drop out of school.

Without options, Tania’s future looked bleak – until January 25, 2017, when relatives heard that Khulna BNSB Eye Hospital was hosting an 'eye camp' in the Raghunathpur of Dumuria sub-district of Khulna. Her relatives rushed her there, and Tania was referred to the hospital for a thorough examination. The next day, she was seen by a number of specialists, who finally made a diagnosis: low vision. The condition could be rectified with corrective lenses.

When it was understood that Tania’s grandmother couldn’t afford them, the Qatar Creating Vision (QCV) project donated a pair of glasses to her. With one pair of glasses, they handed Tania her future. The corrective lenses transformed her quality of life – she could see the world in a way she had never experienced in her life.

Tania started going to school again and has been focused on getting an education so she can pursue a brighter future. She and her grandmother are immensely grateful to the Khulna BNSB Eye Hospital and all of the doctors and individuals who changed Tania’s life.  

In the fight against avoidable blindness, every minute counts

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