Duncan Chimbila.

Clinician stories: Duncan Chimbila, Opthalmic Clinical Officer, Ethiopia

Duncan was working as a district data officer in Zambia when he chose to train to be a nursing officer, hoping to work more closely with people and make an impact on their lives.

Duncan was soon awarded a scholarship by a local mining group to study in Ghana as an Ophthalmic Clinical Officer (OCO). As he was completing his studies, Orbis started working with the Mwinilunga District Hospital in Zambia’s North-Western Province (NWP). The hospital was in need of OCOs, which led to Duncan’s invitation to return to Zambia and work alongside Orbis. He is now one of the few active OCOs in Zambia.

Duncan Chimbila

Final­ly, I could pur­sue a career where I could live out my pas­sion to mobilise peo­ple to greater health, and work specif­i­cal­ly with eye health

As an OCO, Duncan screens, diagnoses and coordinates transport and appointments for patients, covering all aspects of treatment. He carries out every step, from examining a patient’s visual acuity upon meeting him or her to arranging his or her admittance into the hospital post-surgery.

Thanks to your support, Duncan has been able to implement a strict follow-up protocol to ensure patients recover in full: an initial follow-up at the hospital, followed by several within a six-month period at patients’ homes and local clinics. He always takes care to explain the proper use of antibiotics and instructions for cleanings to ensure a patient’s full recovery according to his prognosis.

Duncan Chimbila

I love my role, as I inter­act all day with patients, and they are so appre­cia­tive when you play a role in giv­ing them sight. [It] is extreme­ly rewarding

In the fight against avoidable blindness, every minute matters

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