Eye hospital pilots in Bangladesh.

Flying Eye Hospital arrives in Bangladesh

The Flying Eye Hospital has arrived in Bangladesh on the final leg of its 2017 tour. Its goal, to raise awareness of the issue of childhood blindness and train local eye teams in the latest eye care techniques.

Thanks to your amazing support the Flying Eye Hospital has just completed a successful four week programme in Cameroon - training 21 local ophthalmologists in partnership with Yaoundé central hospital and The Magrabi Eye Institute.

After a short rest and a quick spring clean, the Flying Eye Hospital was back in the air taking staff, crew and volunteers to Chittagong Airport in South East Bangladesh.

The Flying Eye Hospital arrives in Bangladesh

Our colleagues in Bangladesh were there to greet the plane as it touched down and hosted a welcome reception for partners, dignitaries and volunteers to kick off the programme on Universal Children’s Day.

Bangladesh has a population of 164.9 million, 40% of whom are children. According the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are more than 50,000 blind children with around 20,000 being as a result of avoidable causes. Approximately 1.3 million children aged between 5-15 have refractive error and around 150,000 have low vision – of which almost half of cases are treatable.

Thanks to your help and support our amazing volunteers and staff will be providing a two week ophthalmic training programme hosted by Chittagong Eye Infirmary, one of our fantastic local partners.

We will be providing advanced training and with the latest technology and supporting our ongoing National Childhood Blindness Reduction programme.

We will also be providing hands-on training to the full spectrum of eye health workers, including nurses, anaesthetists, biomedical engineers and technicians.

Of course, all of these lectures and sessions will be broadcast live throughout the world via our Cybersight telemedicine platform.

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