Patient stories: treating Hamida, Bangladesh, for cataracts

Hamida had cataracts in both eyes which prevented her from earning a living. Thanks to the generosity of Orbis supporters, we were able to give Hamida a new lease of life.

Hamida is a strong 60-year old woman who single-handedly brought up her three children. She lives in Bathaikhara village in Northern Bangladesh.

Her husband died when she was just a young lady of 30 years, leaving her with their three sons. She struggled to bring up her three boys and give them the best that she can with her limited income by working as a tailor. She started having vision problems 3-4 years ago, affecting her work and reducing her earnings.

Hamida outside one of IIEIH's vision centres.

As she lived in a rural village, there was no information on her eye condition or treatment. One day, her son told her about an eye camp organised by Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital (IIEI&H), an Orbis partner.

They went to the eye camp where she was diagnosed with bilateral cataract, meaning that the lenses in both her eyes were cloudy. She was referred to IIEI&H, Naogaon branch, for cataract surgery.

Orbis-trained doctors at IIEI&H restored the vision in Hamida’s left eye in November 2016 and she underwent another surgery on her right eye in January 2017. She is currently scheduled for regular follow-up sessions at her local vision centre and will have further follow-up conversations with the doctors at the base hospital via Cybersight.


I am very hap­py that I can do work and earn mon­ey with my vision again

Hamida is now able to continue working as a tailor lead a productive and meaningful life. She is thankful that she has regained her independence and can move around without any help.

Restoring vision allows one to get back to work, so that they can earn a keep and support themself and their family.

In some cases, a family member dropped out of the workforce to take care of the individual. Restoring vision allows the caregiver to go back to work. With more family members working, the financial burden is lightened and their futures are brighter.

In the fight against avoidable blindness, every minute counts

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