Mother embraces her child.

Patient stories: treating Krish, Nepal, for cataracts

Without your support, Krish would be blind today. Seven-year-old Krish began going blind the moment he was born. Cataracts threatened to resign him to a life of darkness and poverty in Nepal.

Paediatric Nepalese patient Krish reads a book on the floor

Krish struggled in school due to his vision, but now he is excelling in class


I used to feel bad… [Now] I want to be a teacher, to teach others

He was unable to learn at school and could not play with his friends. He could hardly see his mother’s face. Now Krish has a future — thanks to you.

Because of your support, Krish’s family received help. He received two surgeries at the Lumbini Eye Institute in Nepal, one of our partners, and he will continue to receive the treatment he needs as he grows.

His mother describes him now as an independent, happy child, full of life and excitement. Krish says that he wants to become a teacher. Given hope, his mother is determined to see him continue his studies and reach his dreams. It’s a new beginning for Krish.

Nepalese paediatric patient Krish on the back of his mother's bicycle, laughing and clinging to her skirt

Thanks to your generosity, Krish has a second chance. Please continue to help the millions of others around the world like Krish who are still waiting in darkness

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