Your support helps Suhati see

Yesterday marked Universal Children's Day – a moment to remember the rights of children such as access to healthcare, and education.

Education can help a child reach their potential. It benefits families, communities, and whole economies. 

However, sight loss is one of the leading reasons that children drop out of school. 

As 75% of blindness is avoidable, it doesn’t have to be this way. Something as simple as an eye test can make all the difference.

Suhati has the opportunity to realise her potential thanks to your support

At Orbis, we’re working to prevent this loss of education. We work with schools and communities to provide children with the screening and treatment they need, like glasses. The health workers we train are also able to spot eye conditions early, giving children a greater chance of restoring their sight.

We want to introduce you to Suhati, a young girl we met when the Orbis Vision Van visited her school in Uttar Pradesh, northern India. Watch the video to find out the difference that your support made to Suhati’s life, and find out how you can help more children like her.  

Give the gift of sight to children like Suhati this Christmas

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