The Flying Eye Hospital touches down in Mongolia

Flying Eye Hospital touches down in Mongolia

August 2018

The Flying Eye Hospital is now in Ulaanbaatar for its eighth visit, running a three-week national ophthalmic training programme.

Hosted by the First Central Hospital of Mongolia and the National Centre for Maternal and Child Health (NCMCH), the Flying Eye Hospital is directly supporting a long-term Orbis North Asia project.

The project aims to establish a paediatric eye care centre at the National Centre by 2019. By using the awareness-raising power of the Flying Eye Hospital, Orbis North Asia plans to launch another adult eye care initiative next year.

Flying Eye Hospital being unloaded in Mongolia

Staff and crew arrive in Mongolia for a three-week training programme

The project focuses on both adult and paediatric subspecialty training, including paediatric cataract, oculoplastic, strabismus, retinopathy of prematurity and refractive error at the National Centre, as well as adult cataract, glaucoma and retina diseases at First Central Hospital.

Our team of world-leading volunteer faculty is providing training tailored specifically for local ophthalmologists, nurses, anaesthesiologists, biomedical engineers, and other eye health professionals.

Lectures and surgeries on board the Flying Eye Hospital will be broadcast live to eye teams around the world through Cybersight, Orbis's online telemedicine platform.

A man drives up to the Flying Eye Hospital in Mongolia to help unload it

Staff at Ulaanbaatar Airport unload the Flying Eye Hospital

Blindness Situation in Mongolia

In 2015 the Report of Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness estimated that 6,900 people over 50 in Mongolia are blind, while 6,800 Mongolians are severely visually impaired; 39% due to cataract and 20% glaucoma. Another 15,000 people need low vision services, which unfortunately are not available in Mongolia at the moment.

Mongolia has one of the lowest cataract surgical rates in Asia; 1,200 per million each year. 90% of all cataract surgeries are currently performed in Ulaanbaatar because out of 21 aimags (provinces) only six have the capacity to conduct independent cataract surgery.

Flashback! Through Their Eyes is a film made in partnership with OMEGA featuring Daniel Craig's visit to Mongolia with us in 2012

Orbis in Mongolia

The Flying Eye Hospital first visited Ulaanbaatar in 1989 and has returned six times since then, most recently in 2014.