Focus on volunteering: Dr Luu, Vietnam, paediatric anaesthetist

Dr Luu was trained by Orbis volunteer, Dr Choyce and become an Orbis volunteer herself

Dr Luu first met Dr Choyce in 2005 when he visited her hospital in Da Nang, Vietnam, while planning a Flying Eye Hospital programme.

At the time, Dr Luu was the only paediatric anaesthetist in her hospital and for miles around. She was nervous, so would only treat patients five years or older.

When the Flying Eye Hospital visited, she was carefully trained by Dr Choyce and began to grow in skills and confidence.

Chinese Orbis volunteer Dr Luu in a classroom

Dr Luu being trained by Dr Choyce

After the first visit, Dr Luu and Dr Choyce kept in touch, with Dr Choyce continuing to give Dr Luu advice on complicated cases.

He recognised Dr Luu's abilities and helped her apply for an international fellowship through Orbis. Through this opportunity, she met and worked with volunteers from the UK and US, spending two months training at Stamford University.

She is now so much more confident and happy to treat patients of any age.

In 2012, Dr Luu received great news. She was also able to become a volunteer with Orbis, working alongside her friend, Dr Choyce, to help prevent blindness in hundreds more children.

Anaesthetic volunteer Dr Luu with her mentor, Dr Andrew Choyce

The pair became firm friends

Dr Luu

Paediatric anaesthetist, Da Nang, Vietnam

When Orbis call me, I say I’m ready!’ I am so proud to be a vol­un­teer. It’s my dream come true. In 2006 when the Fly­ing Eye Hosi­tal came to Viet­nam, I saw the vol­un­teers and could not imag­ine that one day I would also be with Orbis. I have learned so much and it’s all thanks to Orbis
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