Our marathon heroes: Orbis UK trustee

April 2018

Catharina Waller, Orbis UK trustee, is running the marathon to raise vital funds

Our trustee, Catharina, trade mark attorney and mum of two, began running in November 2017 – the day after she signed up for the marathon. Before this – the furthest she had run was 5km!

In between these many jobs, Nina has been squeezing in longer and longer runs to build up to the biggest running challenge of all – the London marathon.

By the end of February she had managed to get up to 25km. So, what’s keeping her moving to such an ambitious target?

She puts it down to a mixture of Spotify’s 90s radio station, Oatibix and fantastic support from her family.

Catharina Running 3

Her hope is to finish the run in less than six hours, injury free. She’d like to think she will celebrate by having all of her friends and family round for a big dinner, but in reality thinks it is more likely that she will collapse into her bed.

She is also inspired to know that every step she takes is helping Orbis and its Flying Eye Hospital reach more people to prevent blindness worldwide. 

Every day Orbis works worldwide to mentor, train and treat local teams to save sight in their communities. As an Orbis trustee, I know how well-run the charity is and how dedicated its staff and volunteers are. In 2016, 83% of funds raised went directly to saving sight, whilst only 14% went to further fundraising, so I know the money raised by my friends and family will be put to good use.”

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