Partnering with influential women in the community

In 2017 we began partnering with 'Queen Mothers' - respected women who have influential positions in their communities, to help improve public awareness on eye care in Ghana.

Orbis Africa initially worked to train 20 Queen Mothers, many of whom are the wives of chiefs in their communities, to provide primary eye care knowledge and teach them how to refer people with eye conditions to local trained professionals.

The Queen Mothers give announcements and speeches during ceremonies, events and festivals on the importance of seeking medical care early for eye issues and debunking harmful traditional practices related to the eye.

Queen Mothers work with schools across Ghana

Many of these Queen Mothers are already trusted spokeswomen and have been trained as community health workers who promote positive health seeking behaviors.

Orbis Africa plans to continue working with Queen Mothers and is planning to train another 20 women by the end of 2018.

Through our commitment to partnering with influential women leaders, we can promote and spread knowledge about eye care and where to seek services.


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