Orbis End of Year Appeal: Megha was diagnosed with amblyopia lazy eye

See My Future: How you’ve helped transform lives in Nepal

Thank you! Because of your support and generosity, our See My Future appeal was a huge success. The money you helped raise will also be matched by the UK government, so twice as many people will receive the sight saving treatments they deserve.

All of the money matched by the UK government will go directly towards expanding Orbis’s project in Nepal which screens and treats children with sight loss, enabling them to attend school and face a brighter future.

Each pair of glasses represents a young life you’ve helped transform. One such child who’s benefited from your generosity is 12-year-old Megha.

Megha started noticing her sight problems at school – where she struggled to read both from the board and books. Despite her love of reading and English, the issues with her vision were making school difficult – and she was starting to fall behind.

She had amblyopia (a lazy eye), which meant she couldn’t see very well out of that eye and struggled with depth perception. If we hadn’t reached her when we did, her sight would have continued to deteriorate significantly and could have even led to blindness in the affected eye.

Fortunately, an Orbis REACH (Refractive Error Among Children) screening camp took place at Megha’s school and her amblyopia was diagnosed. She was given the glasses that would help her see clearly again and save her sight.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Megha at her school. She comes across as a confident and self-assured young lady, and she has smart little glasses, which she wears proudly. “I like everything about my glasses!” she tells us.

Her teacher says that she is improving in school and has caught up in her fourth-grade class. Now that she has her improved vision, Megha can continue to study hard, play with her friends, and achieve her dream of teaching. “I want to become a teacher, English teacher. I will teach in Nepal and I will teach small children.”

You can still change another child like Megha's life

Megha is just one child whose life you’re helping to transform. There are thousands of children whose lives are set to change thanks to our generous supporters. Choose a story below to see another example of your impact.

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