Fighting avoidable blindness at the London Marathon 2020

On Sunday 26th April, Konstantin Schmahl will take to the streets of the capital to run the 2020 London Marathon for Orbis UK. We caught up with Konstantin to see what motivated him to run the Marathon for Orbis, and to find out how his training is going.

How Did You Hear About Orbis?

I was made aware of Orbis UK by one of my best friends, who has blindness in his family.

What Made You Want to Fundraise for Us?

Having a serious eye condition is obviously hard enough even if you have the necessary means, but the situation becomes almost hopeless if you live in a developing country and struggle financially. Therefore, I felt that Orbis, who focus on fighting avoidable blindness in some of the poorest regions in the world, would be a great charity to fundraise for.

How Is Your Marathon Training Going?

There are good and bad days! As I slightly increase the intensity and am running up to 100km per week, I feel like the long runs are improving and are going well. The key will be to stay injury-free throughout the rest of the training period. I will be running a half marathon in Paris on 1st March which will be a good indicator of how my training is going and how far off I am from my sub-3h marathon target.

How Many Previous Marathons Have You Completed?

I've completed one before - the Chicago Marathon in October 2019.

We'd like to say a massive thank you to Konstantin for choosing to run the London Marathon for Orbis, and wish him the best of luck in his training and on the day. If you'd like to support Konstantin, then you can do so on his Just Giving page today.

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