Five ways you can change lives in 2021

2020 was certainly a year to remember, and it will leave a lasting impact for many years to come. However the pandemic has made many of us value and appreciate just how precious life is. By supporting Orbis you could help give thousands of people a better quality of life, which is free from unnecessary sight-loss.

We’re more determined than ever to ramp up our fight against avoidable blindness and continue protecting the people who are most at risk, can we count on you to join us to do something amazing and help give someone a brighter future?

We’ve put together some impactful ways below that you can help change the way the world sees in 2021:

1. Give the gift of sight through Eye Give

We still may not be able to see everyone we’d like to this year; however you can still send them a heart-warming virtual gift. Whether it's to celebrate a birthday, an accomplishment or simply to show someone you're thinking of them, giving a loved one a life-changing virtual gift on Eye Give will help save the sight of people around the world. You can purchase a range of products and choose your favourite e-card design to send to your recipient. Then we’ll use your gift to support our sight-saving work wherever the need is greatest.

2. Fundraise for Orbis

January is the perfect time to sign-up for a virtual fundraising challenge and make it part of your resolution. To find out more about our challenges and how you can participate while fundraising for Orbis please contact Fiona on [email protected]

If a fundraising challenge isn't your thing, there are still plenty of fun ways you can raise money to save sight. Take a look at our fundraising pack which is full of fun ideas, tips and tricks to make sure your fundraising is a success!

3. Sign up to CatarAction by Orbis

Pledge your support to treat cataracts with a monthly gift by signing up to CatarAction by Orbis today. Your regular contribution of £10 a month will help save sight all over the world.

When you sign up, we’ll send you three updates a year, which you can choose to receive by post or email. We’ll tell you more about the work of our amazing volunteers, bringing you the stories of how your ongoing support is helping to transform lives.

Any donation you’re able to make to Orbis will change lives and save sight. However, giving a regular gift is one of the most efficient ways to help fight avoidable blindness. Knowing your gifts are on the way helps us to plan our projects more effectively and make sure we reach as many people as possible.

4. Share our story on social

Every follow, like or share helps us raise awareness of our mission to end avoidable blindness. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and help us spread our story far and wide!

If you already do so then why be bound by social networks online only, talk to your friends, relations and even your neighbours and share how vital the work of Orbis is changing the way the world sees. We can never have too much support!

5. Leave a gift to Orbis in your Will

Once your family and friends have been taken care of, choosing to leave even a small gift to Orbis in your Will could make a huge difference for future generations, who may be at more risk than ever of going blind. This lasting act of generosity could bring about a future where no one goes blind needlessly, simply because of where they were born.

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