“A cataract made me forget the beauty of nature”

Spring is now in full bloom with blossom and bluebells in abundance. But for Anwara in Bangladesh, a cataract meant she could no longer enjoy the beauty of nature. This Earth Day, we share her story, and shine a light on how a sustainable approach to eye care helps people with avoidable vision loss enjoy the sights of nature today and tomorrow.

Anwara’s Story

“My eyes first started to itch and become painful around seven months ago. At first, I didn’t think it was a big problem. I bought some eye drops without seeking a doctor’s advice, but this only aggravated the situation.

Eventually I couldn’t even go outside. I would wear sunglasses and stay inside all day. The problem was unbearable. I started to forget about the joys and the beauty nature boasts.”

Connection to nature is important to our mental health, and is associated with lower levels of depression and anxiety. Yet as Anwara’s eye condition rapidly worsened, she found herself isolated and cut off from the natural sights she loved.

Learning of Our Green Vision Centre

When Anwara heard a broadcast over a loudspeaker about one of Orbis’s Green Vision Centres opening near her home, she decided to get her eyes checked straight away.

The Green Vision Centres provide essential treatment today for remote communities. Yet they are also designed to run on sustainable sources and be energy efficient. Powered by solar energy, Green Vision Centres provide sustainable and interrupted eye care in Bangladesh, where power outages can be common. This helped Anwara be seen quickly.

The solar panels that power the Green Vision Centre

The Joy of Anwara’s Sight Saving Surgery

“After a thorough examination I was diagnosed with cataract in my left eye and told I needed surgery.

“I went in for surgery quickly, and afterwards a thorough examination was conducted where the doctor confirmed my eye was functioning properly.

“When the bandage was removed, I could see the world as normal for the first time in several months. I could witness the beauty of nature again and my heart filled with joy.”

Anwara having her eyes checked following her sight-saving operation

Help Us Bring Sustainable Eye Care to More People Like Anwara

Thanks to support like yours you we have built four Green Vision Centres across Bangladesh. But with unpredictable weather bringing frequent power outages across the country, we need to build more so that sight saving treatment never stops. Together we can help people like Anwara enjoy nature and all its benefits once again.

Your support will mean more people like Anwara can access sight-saving treatment

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