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A single pair of glasses can be all it takes for a child to see the blackboard at school and learn without struggling. Will you donate today and help a child like Khushi get the eye care they need?

Please make a gift today to treat eye conditions and help children fulfil their potential

Nearly one in five children in Saharanpur, India, have eye conditions that need glasses. This seriously affects their ability to learn. But there are no affordable specialist eye care services to treat them.

Uttar Pradesh should have at least 20 children's eye care centres to serve its population of 200 million. But it has just three.

Ambitious girls face many hurdles. Such as accessing medical treatment without a male family member present. And convincing relatives that qualifications are more important than an early marriage. Gender prejudice exists all over the world.

In places like Saharanpur, with low health rates and limited facilities, deteriorating eyesight means these hurdles seem so much larger.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Your gift today will help develop outreach services, buy more glasses, and train more eye care professionals. So children can stop struggling at school.

Khushi is an ambitious 14-year-old girl living with her mother in a rural village. Her father is a truck driver working away in Delhi, earning INR 14,000 (£140) a month. She wants to challenge stereotypes about women's role by becoming a police officer. This means staying on at school and doing well in her exams.

I want to change the stereo­typ­i­cal image of a girl as a bahu’ (daugh­ter-in-law), meant to man­age house­hold chores and kids.”

But Khushi's blurred vision, headaches and watering eyes were affecting her studies. The nearest affordable children eye care facilities were 200 kilometres away. So, her dreams of joining the police were in jeopardy.

Khushi with her friend, Rani.

Then Khushi's friend, Rani suggested that she visit an Orbis-funded eye screening activity in a Vision Van where she was diagnosed. After persuading her grandmother to allow her to attend a follow-up eye test, she was prescribed the glasses she urgently needed.

Thanks to her glasses, Khushi can now get back to studying. But thousands more children continue to struggle with treatable eye conditions. And if left untreated, these can lead to irreversible blindness.

Will you make a gift today so that more children like Khushi can access eye care and get the chance to shine?

You can support children's eye health and education with a gift today

Your gift today could help us achieve our ambitious targets for children in Sarahanpur:

  • 266,800 children screened
  • 10,700 children provided with free or subsidised glasses
  • 400 eye operations for children who need them
  • 14 Vision Centres strengthened to reach more children in rural areas
  • 2 new Vision Centres established
  • 7 of the above Vision Centres powered by cheaper, greener solar energy

Help more children like Khushi get the eye care they need

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