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Dr. Eduardo Kestelman mentoring staff on the Flying Eye Hospital using the BIOM® system

Messages from the Orbis Family

We offered Orbis supporters the opportunity to send messages of encouragement to our Orbis volunteers and staff who are now fighting the coronavirus on the frontline. We've been overwhelmed with the response we've received and all of the lovely messages are shared below.

(All photos taken prior to COVID-19, and all views expressed are that of the original author and not necessarily Orbis UK)

Messages to Orbis Staff and Volunteers

"I have a lump in my throat every time a hospital comes on the TV news each day. Everyone is in awe of all the staff, whatever their role. Thank you so much for what you are all doing for us, it is so much appreciated. God bless and please look after yourselves."

"Thank you for what you are doing. You are an inspiration to us all and we are proud of you."

"Thank you most kindly for all the work you are doing - and everything you are achieving is absolutely amazing."

"I want to say 'a very big thank you' to all you wonderful people, doctors, nurses, carers & other people that are so committed and dedicated to all who suffer, all patients elderly and very young.... you all do a wonderful job."

"I am a long-time supporter of Orbis - you do a wonderful job!"

"I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done and continue to do for us - I pray this virus will end soon. Until then I send you all my love and admiration."

"Thank you so much for all that you are doing in these very difficult times xxx"

"I want to say a big thank you to all NHS volunteers who has devoted their free time to assisting medical staffs and patients both far and near. I am grateful for all you have done and for giving to the society in your own way without taking back."

"Thinking of you all and the difficult time you’re facing to care for so many ill patients. I hope you keep safe and well too."

"I want to say a hearty thank you to the brave and hard working staff in the NHS. They make me very proud and I know we will win this battle eventually."

"To our dearest NHS: Thanks a million for your selfless sacrifice and outstanding work you are doing. I pray God give you the strength and ability to carry on."

"To all who reads this Email, I would personally like to thank you all for all your hard work. You're doing an amazing job and we appreciate every bit of your excellence."

Child awaiting surgery.

"May the Lord keep you safe from harm during this very trying time; have confidence and you will be protected."

"Orbis does a wonderful job as do all the volunteer doctors and nurses whom I greatly admire. All NHS staff are currently doing a fantastic job in all UK Hospitals at great personal risk. You deserve all the essential protective equipment you need and I pray that not only will you all receive it ASAP but that no more of you will sacrifice your lives in the service of others. Let’s hope when this crisis is over, you will get a rest and return to volunteering for Orbis when ready."

"To al the wonderful NHS staff and careers. I was a nurse and loved my job and I just wish I could be back on the wards with you all but I’m afraid they would not welcome an 85 year old. I can imagine how hard you are working and I thank you with all my heart."

"Continue your life saving work in the NHS, at this time during the coronavirus health emergency all the British public really appreciate the work of ALL NHS staff. Additionally hopefully after the emergency has passed that you continue to volunteer with Orbis to help people less fortunate than ourselves in some of the poorest parts of the world."

"Yes, lots of best wishes to your volunteers working in the NHS. Brilliant people."

"It's not hard to say thankyou to you all for your sacrifice and dedication. I should know because I am a nurse too of 66 working in the community now. It's a lifetime of dedication study with little reward other than the satisfaction of doing your best for your patients teamwork and keeping ahead of situations. These are days when situations are ahead of us and we are not winning our battles and heartaches. Its days of endless stress and emotional turmoil and sadness. And a few rewards. The ones who do pull through and get better and you were part of the team that made that happen. It's a calling from god that makes a good nurse and he is watching us from a distance. With all my love and gratitude."

"Volunteers in health services along doctors and nurses are doing well to fight the coronavirus."

"Thank you for this precious moment giving me an opportune time to thank the hardworking volunteers. Remember that everything you do with faithfulness will surely have its good impact to you as the Lord says in the bible. Nothing is useless. Everything done has its own result.Thank you and god bless you volunteers. Love."

"Hello and God bless you all yes please pass on my thankfulness to the NHS they are doing a great job in this dark time. I work my self in a nursing care home as that to is what they call working in the front line.. I take my hat of to everybody who is putting them self at risk to make the world a better place.. My heart goes out to all your patients and the children across the world.. May this season be over soon and may their be many great testimonies.. Thank you for helping people with eye problems and please tell them all I'm lifting them up all in prayer.. God bless you for what you do in Jesus name. Amen."

"To all the doctors and nurses, specialists, care workers, volunteers, aid worker, orbis eye centres. I support your integrity and determination and bravery. I would like to thank all the bravery, dedication all the NHS are doing too fight the coronavirus. I really hope the resources are available to all on the front line and I wish for all the NHS too be back with there loved ones rapidly."

"I wish to thank the NHS for the amazing work they are doing for the country."

"I am delighted to add my thanks and admiration for your volunteers who are working hard in the current health emergency. As a former nurse my instinct is to be helping, but I am too old to do that—I would be a liability. When the crisis is over, I hope people continue to support better remuneration and conditions for ALL those who have kept doing the essential things to make our lives as normal as possible. I particularly hope that the many people working in the care sector will be properly paid for the work they do to support the most frail and vulnerable members of our society."

"I would like to express my support for front line NHS workers."

"Ghalib is an excellent doctor and colleague and I wish him the very best."

"Heartfelt thanks to all those working in the NHS and also care homes. I think you are very brave as you must be very frightened at times. I hope our clapping and banging of teatrays etc all over the UK on a Thursday evening will encourage you and you all survive and thrive."

"What would our world be like without people who devote their lives to repairing the lives of others, bringing love and hope and joy into the darkness. Thank you on behalf of those you help around the world and also from myself."

"I want you all to know that I think about those working in the NHS EVERY day. I worked as a nurse for 30 years and had to retire due to health reasons. I do wish I could be working alongside you at this perilous time but my immune system isn’t up to the job. I’m sending LOVE, STRENGTH, HUGS IN THEIR MILLIONS AND THANKS for being there for everyone. You are all AMAZING. I hope you all stay well."

"Thank you all for the wonderful work you do. Please keep safe."

"Dear All NHS staff I believe you're truly astonishing compassionate people. May you and your families stay safe~well💜THANK YOU WITH DEEP GRATITUDE FOR ALL YOU'RE DOING."

"I would like to convey my wishes for health and perseverance in his service. At the same time, we wish this period to be end, because without the current perturbations there are many people in the world who should be helped."

"One Race, The Human Race, All Equal and All Welcome 🙏 Heartfelt thanks to all medical workers and volunteers both high and low, the Angels on earth, we appreciate you and won’t forget your efforts on behalf of this Race home and abroad. You won’t ever be forgotten or overlooked again so help me God. Stay well stay safe and be proud of yourselves and all connected with the Service."

"Please give my thanks to each and everyone of the volunteers, they are making the world a better place, for everyone they help."

"Sending message of encouragement to all NHS frontliners including myself. Well done to us all."

"I write to thank you for the hardworking and services to the NHS."

"To all the wonderful people who work incredibly hard in helping fight against Covid-19, as well as in their commitment to Orbis, I want to thank you for your service, courage, and dedication in helping other people. God knows what you are doing and I know He will bless your generous hearts. In this time of crisis, we can not thank you enough for your good deeds. I wish you the best and will be praying for your safety as well."

"Happy Easter to all the NHS and all other front liners out there working putting their lives at risk for others may the lord be with you and your family ijmn. And do please continue to stay safe."

"What amazing people you are making a massive difference to many. Kindest Easter wishes wishing you all strength, keep safe."

"Send my best wishes to all NHS members."

"Here's wishing you all a very happy Easter. Thanks to all volunteers who do such good work. Stay well and stay safe."

"Wishing NHS staff all over the UK a very beautiful Happy Easter from my family. Thank you all for the hard work that you all doing and together we will beat coronavirus."

Volunteer Faculty Dr. Daniel Neely screening a baby in Ethiopia

"Happy Easter, Orbis volunteers - you're doing a wonderful job and it's much appreciated. Keep up the great work and stay safe. You are desperately needed."

"Please pass on my gratitude to all your volunteers working in the NHS at this difficult time. We need them more than we can fully express."

"Thank you for the opportunity to say thank you to our wonderful NHS staff of every grade of work, also to the ambulance service personnel and the police. Actually, I could go on for a long time thanking all the essential workers. I'm 74 with underlying health issues and just hope I don't end up with this 'dreaded lurgy', but if I do then I have complete faith that I will be well looked after. Thank you again, faith restored."

"Dear NHS staff. You and all your colleagues are our heroes and doing such vital work in this time of crisis. We are thinking of you and looking forward to a better time when you will be able to volunteer for Orbis and other charities once again."

"Happy Easter to all the volunteers at Orbis doing such tremendous work. Stay safe and well."

"My thanks to all the NHS workers for the wonderful work they are doing despite the danger to themselves. We owe them so much for their dedication, their compassion, their courage. My thoughts are with them as they fight to save as many as possible. They will go down in history as the saviours they are."

"You’re in my heart and thoughts. May you all find something to make you smile."

"Stay safe. You’re VERY PRECIOUS to ALL of us. Hip hip hurray 🎉 🥳"

"Work in health care is a beautiful task in which you can combine work with other people's help. Be healthy and brave. We hope you have a lovely day and are staying safe and healthy."

"Thankyou for all your help."

"Dear Orbis volunteers, thank you for your compassionate and kind work for us, our society and your mission worldwide in fighting blindness. My respect to you."

"Many thanks to all key workers in this pandemic. Keep doing what you are doing. We salute you."

"Thank you so very much for the most valuable and most Wonderful work you all do! I cannot thank you enough! Please Lord keep you all safe & sound."

"Your work is priceless! Thankyou!"

"I would like to say a massive thank you for everything you do - truly inspirational people xxx"

"The world is a sight better for every Orbis voluntary intervention - thank you!"

"Indeed, I send my sincere, warm and heartfelt thanks to all the medical teams who work at Orbis and to the good cause and fight of trying to combat the Covid-19 virus. I also wish them and their Families every good outcome and with good health."

"Easter Greetings to our wonderful NHS workers. Thank you."

"Happy Easter everyone keep safe thinking of you all."

"To all the Orbis medical volunteers, thank you for using your skill and dedication in ways that will make a difference here and abroad for many years to come. You’re all brilliant!"

"Thank you for all the great work you do in helping other people! Lots of LOVE."

"I would like to add my appreciation and thanks for all you are doing. My best wishes to you all."

"I appreciate all the staff of Orbis for doing such a wonderful job to give sight to poor people."

"Have a blessed easter you and all your team of workers."

"Dear Orbis Volunteers, I am grateful every day that I have had access to excellent eye care. This is why Orbis, as a charity, is so close to my heart. What you do as volunteers for the charity is so precious. Healing needless blindness is just the most worthwhile thing anyone can do. Thank you also for your work during this pandemic crisis. I sincerely hope you all stay safe and well and that in the future you are able to continue your work for Orbis. When I lived in Botswana in the early 1980s I remember the eye hospital plane coming to Gaborone! Sending so much love to you all."

"To all the amazing volunteers, you are all angels giving a gift back to what a lot of people take for granted. So from the bottom of my heart a massive thank you."

"Thank you for your compassion and care"

"I hope you have a good easter and keep safe."

"Thank you to all the people fighting this virus to keep the world safe."

"This is not the first time that I've gone online to thank people for their wonderful generosity of time and spirit in any number of charity situations - but each time I struggle to find the appropriate words by which to say how I really feel. I am humbled by the work Orbis staff undertake; I am in awe of what they achieve and am moved to tears at the wonderful life changing outcomes. Thank you Orbis for making the world a lot better than it would be without you."

"Thankyou for the love that you are showing to Gods children."

"I would like to send many blessings to these incredible humans and if I could help anyway I will 🥰😍😇"

"Thank you."

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