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Linn's first time on a plane was sight-saving

Support the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital's return to the skies. Give more children a sight-saving first time to remember.

Our unique aircraft has been unable to fly during the pandemic. Please support its return to the skies to save more children's sight.

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Every Second Counts for Children With Cataracts

Without treatment, Linn could have lost her sight for life. We urgently need your support to get more children with eye conditions back to learning, playing with friends, and the chance of a brighter future.

As she waited to be examined on board the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, 8-year-old Linn’s eyes darted from side to side behind a very visible, cloudy cataract. Her sight-saving journey was about to begin.

The youngest of three siblings growing up in Myanmar, Linn was one of the 200,000 children around the world living with cataracts. Her eyesight was deteriorating. Without surgery, she would lose her sight forever.

Linn’s family could not afford the treatment she urgently needed. Imagine watching your child’s or grandchild’s sight steadily get worse without being able to do anything about it.

By the time the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital visited Myanmar, it was too late to fully restore Linn’s vision. But there was a chance of improving her ability to see. Linn was nervous the first time she saw the plane, but the experienced eye care professionals on board soon put her at ease. The surgery was a success. And now she’s back at school, busy with her favourite subject, mathematics.

“Now my baby can see the world again!” said her father. “I appreciate your kind heart Orbis.”

Treating children like Linn early is critical. And it is impossible without the generosity of our supporters.

Will you donate today to give children like Linn the eye care they urgently need before it’s too late?

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