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Little Rabi’s world was a blur. He has high myopia, or extreme short-sightedness, and it was affecting his life both at school and at home.

When he was at school, the seven-year-old would become upset when his teacher asked him to read in class. The teacher sat him at the front of the class but, even then, he struggled to see her properly.

At home he couldn’t see the faces of his friends and family clearly and would often find it difficult to recognise them from a distance.

Fortunately, our generous supporters helped to fund a vision screening camp that took place at Rabi’s primary school. He was diagnosed with visual impairment and received his life-changing glasses a few days later.

Rabi, 7, Nepal

When­ev­er the teach­ers ask me to read and write, I can do it now! I can see things at a very far distance!

The difference when he put on his glasses was incredible – seeing this once shy and reserved boy light up as he saw clearly again for the first time in years. His teacher tells us that since he’s received his glasses, he’s been more outgoing and interactive with the other children in his class.

Being unable to get a pair of glasses could have seriously hindered his education. Rabi dreams of being a teacher or a policeman when he’s older, and now that he’s able to see clearly, his dream is in reach.


Give the gift of sight

A child undergoes screening in a Nepalese classroom


Rachael Kitwe treatment 2015


Ganga and friends in school


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