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Picture sitting in a classroom and not being able to see the blackboard, your teacher, your textbook or your friends. This is the reality for many children around the world who are struggling with avoidable sight loss. Take a look around our Nepalese classroom and see for yourself how frustrating this must be.

A blurred 360 image from a classroom in Nepal

It doesn’t have to be this way: at Orbis, we provide children and adults with the eye care they desperately need.

With a simple eye exam and a pair of glasses, a child’s life can be transformed. Clear sight opens up a future of possibilities – children can return to school, play with their friends and contribute to society, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Between now and 23rd June, the UK government is matching all public donations, so your donation could have double the impact! See for yourself the difference you could make…

A clear 360 image of the same classroom in Nepal

Your gift will help bring clear vision to twice as many people around the world - including children like Ganga, Kisan and Bitisha who all struggled with vision issues until Orbis school screenings helped them get the help they needed. You can see how their lives have been transformed in this short film.

Donate now and double your impact

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All money matched by the UK government will go towards our project in Nepal which screens and treats children with sight loss, enabling them to attend school and face a brighter future. Your donations will support our vital sight saving work, wherever it is needed the most.

The children we help

Give before 23rd June and the UK government will double your donation