Thank you for setting up a regular donation

We believe that no one should live a life of unnecessary blindness, simply because of where they were born. So, we’re glad that you’ve chosen to stand with us. 77% of blinding conditions could be avoided – we just need to get the right treatments to the people who need them.

Every donation to Orbis helps to save sight and change lives. However when you give a monthly donation - your money can go even further.

  • Your monthly donations could fund sustainable and long-term eye care with greater opportunities within local communities. Providing eyecare everywhere.
  • More Vision Centres, so children in remote areas can be screened and treated for damaging eye conditions
  • More pairs of glasses, so children can study without blurred vision, headaches and watering eyes
  • More ophthalmic training and jobs for women, inspiring girls and encouraging wider uptake for treatment
  • Pay for cataract surgeries meaning a family could be lifted out of poverty or stop a child born with cataracts going permanently blind.

Many people like yourself enjoy the ease and peace of mind of giving a donation every month - and we can't thank you enough.

Your monthly donations will not only help to pay for cataract surgeries but could also protect a community from blinding trachoma, or even give a child a pair of glasses to help them continue learning at school.

Discover more about Orbis's work and how your support will help to change lives.

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