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Thanks to Cataract Surgery, Gebre Can See and Work Again

Meet Gebre, a 55-year-old father from central Ethiopia. Before his eyesight started to fade, he sold traditional fabrics. But his deteriorating eyesight made work more and more challenging until eventually, he had to give it up.

Desperately worried about supporting his wife and children, he took on farming work. He told us: “When I couldn’t carry on with my work, I started farming because my previous work required me to travel to get the fabrics, which has become difficult. Even farming was challenging, but I had to do something.”

As Gebre’s sight continued to worsen, his life soon became even more difficult, as the pandemic arrived: “To add insult to injury, the pandemic happened. My only option is to protect myself and my family by wearing a mask, washing hands regularly, and avoiding mass gatherings. Even though we didn’t have any cases reported, as a community, we are trying to halt the spread.”

You can stop another person like Gebre from going needlessly blind.

A straightforward operation can remove a cataract and restore someone’s sight. But Gebre and thousands like him often face insurmountable hurdles – the cost, the travel involved, or simply not knowing that cataracts can be treated.

So, when Gebre heard that Orbis might be able to help him, he jumped at the chance: “When I heard about the service being provided at this health center, I did not think twice. I needed to come here to find a solution!”

Your support today could help another person return to work and provide for their family.

Thankfully, Gebre was successfully diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes and received sight-saving surgery funded by Orbis.

Your gift will be matched and help twice as many people like Gebre.

Just a day later, Gebre’s vision had improved enormously. “I can see clearly now”, he said. “If God wills, I will take some break until my eyes get stronger, and then I’ll go back to work!”

Your support today will have twice the impact.

Please donate and help bring eye care to where it’s needed most.

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