The trachoma mini quiz

Trachoma is a bacterial infection in the eye which, if left untreated, will eventually cause a person’s eyelids to turn inwards and the eyelashes to scratch the surface of the eye. To stop the excruciating pain, people often resort to removing their eyelashes. Over time, people’s eyelashes can scratch their eyes so badly that they go blind.

Take the mini quiz below to discover more about this ancient and blinding disease.

Q1: What Percentage of Children in Ethiopia Have Trachoma?

A) 40%

B) 20%

C) 10%

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B - In some communities in Ethiopia, up to 20% of children aged 1-9 years old have a trachoma infection.

Q2: Which Country Has the Highest Rate for Trachoma?

A) Yemen

B) Kenya

C) Ethiopia

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C - 55% of the world’s trachoma is found in Ethiopia where 64 million people live in areas needing interventions to address trachoma infections.

Q3: How Many People Have Been Left With Sight Loss Due to Trachoma?

A) 500,000

B) 1 million

C) 1.9 million

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C - 1.9 million have been left with visual impairment as a result of trachoma.

Q4: What Percentage of People Affected by Trachoma Are Women?

A) 50%

B) 70%

C) 40%

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B - Women make up 70% of people affected by the pain of blinding trachoma, because they are most likely to care for children who are the main carriers of trachoma infection.

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