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Remember your child's first time on a plane?

The excitement, the anticipation, the wonder? Now, imagine if it had saved their sight.

When we met Veronique in Cameroon, she was two years old and had been born with a malformation of her lower left eyelid.

After trying a number of different things to help her daughter - eye drops, a CT scan, and numerous consultations at three different eye care facilities - her mother, Lidienne was told that Veronique was too young to have surgery because there were no Ophthalmologists in the country who were trained to perform the procedure on a child.

The cost of travel to and from the various consultations had put considerable financial strain on the family. And, on top of that, Lidienne said that people in her neighbourhood would insult Veronique, saying that she looked "frightful".

A gift of £20 today could provide eye care for a child like Veronique, before it's too late.

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Every minute counts for children like Veronique with avoidable eye conditions. The longer they have to wait for treatment, the more likely the damage will be irreversible and they could become blind for life.

Orbis's Flying Eye Hospital allows children like Veronique to receive treatment from the top eye care experts in the world, who volunteer during their time off.

At the same time, the operations performed on board the Flying Eye Hospital are used as training opportunities for local medical professionals to develop their skills and experience. They can then go on to treat other children with similar conditions in their country.

Sadly, this unique aircraft, customised with a fully operational eye hospital on board, has not been able to fly since the beginning of the pandemic.

Your donation today will help fund its return to the skies later this year and support Orbis's wider work around the world to train eye care professionals and improve access to treatment for everyone.

Please consider giving a donation today so that more children like Veronique can be treated on board the Flying Eye Hospital before it's too late to save their sight







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