Vision centres: closing the gap between sight and blindness | Orbis

Vision centres: closing the gap between sight and blindness

For millions of people, quality eye care is just too far away. This is why the Singra Vision Centre in Bangladesh was established.

Singra is managed by three women - Rumpa, Minufa, and Kalpona - who serve thousands of community members and ensure that no one is turned away because they are unable to pay.

Singra helps to close the blindness gender gap too. Globally, 25 million more women experience vision impairment than men. This is partially due to social and cultural norms that discourage women from receiving treatment from men. But at Singra, female patients are able to visit female eye care professionals.

Your support helps Orbis provide training for women around the world in eye health careers so they can earn a good living — and make a meaningful impact on their neighbours’ lives. As Rumpa says: “I want to help serve all patients, particularly the elderly, to receive the services they need for good eye health.”


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