School children at Laxman Ganj Village School in Nepal


Orbis began fighting avoidable blindness in Nepal in 2007.

We are working with our partners to increase the availability and accessibility of eye care services.

Avoidable Blindness in Nepal

There are around 6.8 million people with vision loss in Nepal, and 100,000 people are blind.

Nepal’s diverse terrain – ranging from hot and humid in the south to the snow-clad Himalayas in the north – creates significant challenges to providing access to all for eyecare.

Saving Sight in Nepal

Working with our partners and thanks to our supporters, Orbis have helped:

  • Support the establishment or improvement of eight children's eye care centres across the country
  • Increase capacity at local eye hospitals through the national paediatric eye care program
  • Establish or strengthen 28 vision centres in rural communities

Impact In 2022

What’s Next?

Orbis is working with our partners to:

  • Increase the availability and accessibility of eye care services in Nepal
  • Strengthen rural referral networks and build relationships with local hospitals
  • Expand children's eye care services across the country

Help support our sight saving work in Nepal

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