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You’re breaking down barriers this World Sight Day

This World Sight Day, we would like to say a massive thank you to our amazing supporters and partners who are helping us to remove the barriers people face when accessing eye care.

These barriers take many forms – from a lack of awareness about eye disease, to the distance of the nearest eye clinic, to the cost of treatment. The one thing they all have in common is that they prevent people from seeking the support they so greatly need. At Orbis, we’re fighting to remove these barriers and bring screenings and treatments closer to the homes of those who need them most – so that people are able to put vision first.

Have a read through the stories below to see how your support is helping to break down these barriers – and change people’s lives.

We aim to create sustainable and long-term change in the countries where we work, by following our comprehensive approach of:

  • Training teachers to spot eye conditions in their pupils
  • Upskilling eye care teams across Africa, Asia and Latin America with the help of our amazing volunteers, both on board the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital and in local hospitals
  • Educating communities on eye health, so that they are aware of the services and free treatments available for their vision loss
  • Conducting community outreach work, such as our Vision Van which brings optometrists and glasses to schools in Northern India - which you can find out more about below.

The Orbis Vision Van

With support from local partners - we recently launched a new vision van. These are fully-stocked mobile eye-screening units which travel to schools in India and Nepal to screen children for refractive error - and a range of other eye diseases. This helps our partners overcome the barriers of both distance and education - and get children the treatment and education they need to protect their sight. Watch the video below to see the incredible impact one of the vision vans is having.

  • You can help transform lives this World Sight Day

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Aissatou cataract Cameroon


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