Children like Vaishnavi could be blinded for life by conditions that are easily prevented in the UK. Will you give a monthly donation today and save sight for those at risk of avoidable blindness?

Give a Monthly Gift and Transform a Child Like Vaishnavi's Life

It can take as little as £24 and 20 minutes to restore a person’s sight with life-changing surgery. The longer someone has to wait for surgery, the higher the chance they’ll experience permanent sight loss. Your incredible support could change this, give someone their sight back and make the following possible:

  • People will experience the joy of seeing their loved ones again

  • Children will be able to return to school, play with their friends and fulfil their potential

  • Adults will be able to go back to work, provide for their families and break the cycle of poverty

  • People will be able to participate fully and contribute to their communities. On average for everyone £1 spent on restoring or protecting someone’s sight, £4 returns to the local economy

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Vaishnavi 4


One Off Donation Cataract


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Vaishnavi 4


One Off Donation Cataract


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