London Stansted Airport

London Stansted is the UK's fourth busiest airport, offering flights to over 150 destinations in 30 countries. Stansted Airport has been the UK ‘home’ for the Flying Eye Hospital for over two decades. The airport worked closely with Orbis, giving free parking and transit support between medical missions. It hosted the Orbis DC-10 Flying Eye Hospital during its UK Goodwill Tours in 2005 and 2009. These tours provide the opportunity to ‘showcase’ the aircraft to our supporters, new and old, bringing them closer to the sight-saving work we do.

Robert Walters, Chairman of Orbis said: “Orbis is indebted to Stansted for the valuable support given to the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Goodwill Tour in 2009. The Orbis tours offered a window into our world for our supporters, a chance for them to meet our dynamic medical team and to see first-hand the work they support and what we do.’