Young boy in a yellow shirt smiles at the camera, a big green eye patch taped on over his left eye

Give a Major Gift

Our work is only possible thanks to our incredible supporters. We appreciate all donations, big or small, but by giving a major gift you can play a key role in helping to achieve our vision of a world where no-one has to experience the consequences of avoidable blindness

By supporting Orbis you will:

  • Help restore sight and transform people’s lives. Giving children and adults the opportunity to go to school, find work and live life to the full
  • Help train local doctors and eye care teams who in turn will pass on their skills and expertise to other eye health workers, ensuring a sustainable approach that will leave a lasting legacy
  • Ensure Orbis has the flexibility needed to play a leading role in the eradication of preventable blindness.

If you are interested in making a gift to Orbis or would like any further information please contact our Major Gifts team:

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