The Flying Eye Hospital and the Flying Eye Hospital on a goodwill tour in 2017

Become a Corporate Partner

Are you looking to support a charity that’s large enough to create meaningful change, but small enough that you feel your contribution makes a difference? Do you have a strategic interest in vision or aviation, or are you looking for a cause that will have a broad appeal to your employees, clients and stakeholders?

Here at Orbis we partner with large and small organisations. We strive to meet our vision of a world where no-one has to experience the consequences of sight loss. By partnering with Orbis to deliver part of your corporate responsibility programme, your company can make a huge contribution to building the capacity of local communities in the fight against avoidable blindness.

We manage each partnership individually, ensuring that we:

  • Understand your interest in our work
  • Develop a partnership that is truly bespoke and beneficial to all parties
  • Recognise your support in the ways that will make a positive impact on your company.

For us, the key to a successful partnership is a shared vision and approach, and we enjoy working collaboratively with our partners from the outset to achieve this.

Your support of Orbis could range from a general donation, allowing us to fight blindness wherever the need is greatest, to opportunities to fund a specific eye care project in one of the many regions we work, or donating your organisation’s services, products or employee volunteering hours. You could also raise vital funds through employee fundraising and team-building events, create a cause related marketing campaign, support Orbis to reach new audiences through your communications channels, or something else entirely! We’re always open to new ideas and suggestions for partnership initiatives.

If you would like to hear how you can make an immediate impact on people’s lives today, please contact our Corporate Partnerships team:

Why Support Orbis

Shockingly, there are over 30 million people who are blind, and 90% of these people live in developing countries where quality eye care isn’t easily accessible. A staggering 80% of this blindness can be prevented and that’s why we need your support. Together, we can win the fight against avoidable blindness and save the sight of millions of people in developing communities worldwide. Your company can be part of the solution by joining us today!

You’ll receive full support from a dedicated partnership manager to ensure your objectives are met and you’re having the greatest impact possible on the lives of people we’re supporting.

If you wish to discuss the suggestions above in more detail and/or any ideas you may have, please do not hesitate to contact our Corporate Partnerships team.

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