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Cybersight - Telemedicine

Cybersight is our award-winning telemedicine platform. Through Cybersight, our expert volunteers teach and support eye care teams around the world using the latest advancements in internet and mobile technologies.

Cybersight is a digital extension of our mission. It increases our ability to provide training and support to medical professionals all around the world. With Cybersight, we can make an impact in places where a physical presence simply isn't possible due to cost, logistics or security.

Our expert volunteers provide on-demand advice for complex cases via the platform, mentoring local eye care professionals on diagnosis and treatment of their patients. We help combat geographic isolation with easy access to an expert second opinion.

We also make sure that everyone benefits from our training activities on board the Flying Eye Hospital, wherever it is in the world. We broadcast live lectures and surgeries to partner hospitals and classrooms around the globe. Remote participants enjoy a similar experience as those in the on-board classroom: they see surgeries through the operating microscope and can ask questions of experts and see lecturers in real-time.

The Cybersight team and mentors have played a major part in my professional development as an ophthalmologist. Due to the lack of up-to-date knowledge in the Mongolian ophthalmology sector I rely heavily on the training and mentorship from Cybersight. Because of Cybersight I can learn every day, non-stop from excellent mentors. You are a life-changing force.

Dr. Ijilmurun

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Cybersight is also a living library of our collective training efforts, freely available to all eye health professionals including current and future generations of nurses, optometrists, anaesthesiologists and ophthalmologists.

2019 impact

In 2019 alone we trained more than 7,600 eye health professionals in 183 countries with Cybersight live teaching events. We also facilitated more than 1,800 patient consultations.

But this is just the beginning - with your support we can reach thousands more...

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